Volunteer to FL-ACS

Be a part of FL-ACS! We have many ways to volunteer ranging from helping with social media al the way to executive members!

Benefits of volunteering are many and include development of valuable skills, meeting people from all over the state and networking, resume builder, rewarding, and it’s fun! Contact us for more information!

Executive Positions (elected)

  • Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Councilors
  • Alternate Councilors


  • Local Sub-Sections for Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Lakeland
    • Member activities – plan for local events that may include career fairs, wine tasting, ACS senior member networking.
    • K-12 activities – plan for public out reach activities including K- 12 by connecting with local schools.
  • Communication – help with web page management/updates, social media posting and newsletter drafting.
  • FAME planning – FAME is our biggest event! We need lots of volunteers to help make this event happen. Organizing sessions, setting up and tearing down the poster sessions, organizing career workshops just to name a few!